Welcome to the OTstudent wiki:

Can you believe that there is no dedicated Occupational Therapy wiki on the internet? Occupational Therapy students have to use a disparate array of resources to find out about anything to do with the profession. Hopefully this wiki will help to gather information in a simple form in one place.

Please feel free to sign up and edit this wiki, I don't exactly have the time right now but will start uploading what I can.
The wiki is designed to be a linear version of www.otstudent.info a mind map resource for Occupational Therapy students. Unfortunately that website is not available for the public to edit though I'm always happy to hear from anyone who wants to get involved!

Only members can edit pages, but feel free to request membership and then start editing, creating new material etc.

I think it would be best if every page were as concise and clear as possible, just like a mind map. This isn't the place to put reams of information, unless you want someone else to summarise it and come up with the most simple key points. If you do want to say more, just create another page and link through to that one. It's also much easier to stay within copyright if everything is a brief summary and helps to keep your skill in succinct summarising honed.